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Cemeteries of Washington, Oregon and California

The following are some photos of cemeteries in the Pacific Northwest. In most cases these are limited primarily to ancestors and relatives, but I have added other photos if I have them.

(For photographs on this page, thank you: Elizabeth Corethers, Dave DeHart, Ronald Culbertson, Elaine Rigby, and Beckie Brewster)


Acacia Memorial Park, Seattle, King Co., WA:

Beek, John (1866-1953)
Beek, Josephine (Merriman) (1871-1942)
Glazier, Helen M. (Beek) (1904-1975)
Glazier, William L.(1895-1960)
Hill, Effie (Merriman) (1870-1960)
Hill, Joseph C. (1866-1945)
Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., WA:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found here.)

Gallagher, James (1818-1902)
Plymale, Ben T. (1926-1981)
Plymale, Martha J. (1956-1957)
Plymale, Susan C. (Hodges) (1936-1990)
Sullivan, John (1840-1900)
Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., WA:

Benson, Clara E. (Ross) (1860-1936)
Benson, John H. (1858-1926)
Maule, John H. (1892-1957)
Maule, Mabel G. (1891-1976)
Plymale, Deane F. (1956-2000)
Plymale, George F. (1950-1989)
Plymale, Patricia J. (Bixby) (1928-2008)
Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., WA:

Knighton, Anna B. (Knighton) (1858-1926) (No tombstone - 2007)
Struve, Alyce C. (1889-1972)
Struve, Anna C. (Furth) (1873-1956)
Struve, Frederick K. (1871-1946)
Struve, Henry G. (1836-1905)
Struve, Lascelle F. (Knighton) (1844-1903)(This gravestone has a small shrub growing directly over it and was covered by debris.)

Huntington I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Huntington, Baker Co., Oregon:
Sign at cemetery entrace says "Old Oregon Trail Cemetery"

Giannini, Gabriel P. (1881-1896)
Giannini, Minnie M. (1875-1896)
Goodman, Charles D. (1900-1918)
Goodman, Della (Giannini) (1878-1912)
Goodman-Giannini plot (unmarked graves in the photo are probably where Thomas Giannini (1833-aft. 1900) and Narrissa (Plymale) Giannini (1842-1924) are buried.)
Blank stone in Goodman-Giannini plot (may be grave of Thomas or Narrissa Giannini, looks like it is an upturned footstone that was put at the head of the grave)
View of town of Huntington from the cemetery
Glendale Memorial Cemetery, Glendale, Douglas Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Martin, Echo B. (1887-1887)
Martin, Forest F. (1888-1888)
Martin, Harriet E. (1881-1934)
Martin, Mary (1899-1980)
Martin, R. Homer (1894-1977)
Martin, Samuel C. (1856-1929)
Martin, William J. (1815-1901)
Miller, Frances A. (Martin) (1845-1923)
Riddle Cemetery, Riddle, Douglas Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Bailey, A. Ernestine (Riddle) (1914-1966)
Boehm, Carl (1910-2001)
Boehm, Helen (Willis) (1883-1966)
Brown, Abner V. (1893-1896)
Brown, Anna M. (Nichols) (1860-1909)
Brown, Edna A. (Hartley) (1893-1963)
Brown, Harvey Q. (1902-1930)
Brown, Will Q. (1855-1936)
Chrisman, Lucinda (McGill) (1806-1901)
Crosby, David W. (1857-1924)
Crosby, Jennie B. (Riddle) (1869-1928)
Frater, George T. (1868-1937)
Frater, Minnie M. (Riddle) (1877-1948)
Hunt, Charles W. (1868-1948)
Hunt, Clara H. (Riddle) (1871-1961)
Nichols, Abner E. (1861-1920)
Nichols, Addie (Fullerton) (1866-1936)
Nichols, Annie I. (Vinyard) (1866-1889)
Nichols, Clara E. (1865-1873)
Nichols, Henry H. (1858-1918)
Nichols, Infant (1889-1889)
Nichols, Infant (1897-1897)
Nichols, Isabella (Riddle) (1834-1892)
Nichols, Israel B. (1824-1893)
Nichols, Ulysses S. (1867-1930)
Nichols, Vinton N. (1917-1921)
Nichols, William L. (1856-1917)
Parsley, Carrie L. (Riddle) (1869-1943)
Quine, Della E. (Riddle) (1866-1948)
Quine, George K. (1862-1938)
Riddle, Abner (1841-1926)
Riddle, Agnes A. (Fate) (1886-1969)
Riddle, Alice C. (Rice) (1849-1903)
Riddle, Anna M. (Rice) (1847-1876)
Riddle, Benjamin A. (1880-1915)
Riddle, Blanche E. (1873-1920)
Riddle, Clara A. (1853-1855)
Riddle, Claude A. (1877-1965)
Riddle, Dorothy J. (1902-1905)
Riddle, Edward W. (1875-1948)
Riddle, Elizabeth (Simmmons) (1887-1958)
Riddle, Ernest D. (1866-1946)
Riddle, Fred (1874-1957)
Riddle, George W. (1839-1927)
Riddle, Glenn N. (1885-1971)
Riddle, Helen (Gazley) Stewart (1855-1937)
Riddle, Helena A. (1884-1969)
Riddle, Ira B. (1871-1955)
Riddle, John B. (1844-1914)
Riddle, Julius M. (1896-1994)
Riddle, Laura (1879-1883)
Riddle, Lelah A. (Poole) (1880-1941)
Riddle, Mary F. (Catching) (1852-1930)
Riddle, Maxamillia (Bouseman) (1809-1868)
Riddle, Merle E. (McClarnan) (1891-1928)
Riddle, Raymond S. (1907-1916)
Riddle, Richard E. (1917-1981)
Riddle, Robert B. (1923-1944)
Riddle, Sarah (Smyth) (1850-1890)
Riddle, Tobias S. (1849-1933)
Riddle, Vigle (1881-1883)
Riddle, Walter S. (1872-1950)
Riddle, William and Maxamillia
Riddle, William H. (1805-1891)
Riddle, William H. Jr. (1837-1857)
Starnes, Venita L. (Parsley) (1895-1973)
Stauffer, Charles F. (1863-1944)
Stauffer, Infant (1906-1906)
Stauffer, Milla M. (Riddle) (1873-1953)
Stewart, Adeline M. (1873-1964)
Thompson, Bella (1875-1877)
Thompson, David M. (1878-1879)
Thompson, Infant (1884-1884)
Thompson, William N. (1896-1897)
Tompkins, Maxamilia (Nichols) (1863-1935)
Tompkins, Viola B. (Ryan) Nichols (1877-1939)
Willis, Artineecia J. (Nichols) (1853-1930)
Willis, Lora Belle (Pummell) (1888-1972)
Willis, Owen L. (1843-1923)
Willis, Spencer D. (1875-1956)
Roseburg I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found here.)

Autenrieth, Emily (Plymale) (1848-1910)
Autenrieth, M. Pearl (1882-1894)
Bolter, George T. (1878-1966)
Bolter, Mary S. (Autenrieth) Willis (1875-1940)
Nichols, Britt S. (1871-1985)
Nichols, Clifford (1895-1909)
Nichols, Ida M. (1872-1943)
Nichols, Samuel B. (1915-1915)
Zigler-Autenrieth-Bolter family plot
Zigler, Ada V. (Owen)(1886-1972)
Zigler, Claud A. (1877-1969)
Zigler, Frederick M. (1865-1928)
Zigler, Katie F. (1863-1866)
Zigler, Lewis H. (1829-1884)
Zigler, Lewis H. Jr. (1873-1929)
Zigler, Michael M. (1868-1873)
Zigler, Paul R.(1874-1954)
Zigler, Zelia E. (1859-1940)
Quines Creek (or "Gilliam") Cemetery, Quines Creek, Douglas Co., OR:

View of the cemetery
Another view of the cemetery
(Possible burial site of Harriet C. Martin (1817-1884), Catherine Crobarger (1777-1875) and other Martin relatives.)
Central Point I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Central Point, Jackson Co., OR:

Murray, Flora A. (Bartlow) (1826-1896)
Murray, James (1819-1885)
Murray, John B. (1858-1883)
Murray, Martha (Richardson) (1862-1947)
Murray, Samuel H. (1853-1918)
Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Jackson Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Amy, Haskell (1831-1892)
Amy, Mahala
Armstrong, Charles F. (1859-1864)
Armstrong, Infant (1872-1872)
Armstrong, Marcus V. (1849-1929)
Armstrong, Martha A. (Johnson) (1851-1892)
Armstrong, Robert C. (1827-1880)
R.V. Beall family plot
T.F. Beall family plot
Beall, Ann (Hall) (1840-1920)
Beall, Ann M. (Riddle) (1847-1924)
Beall, Benjamin (1861-1911)
Beall, Carrie (1870-1899)
Beall, Casandra (1864-1865)
Beall, Fletcher (1869-1870)
Beall, Infant (1903-1903)
Beall, Jasper (1866-1878)
Beall, John V. (1863-1882)
Beall, Robert V. Sr. (1831-1915)
Beall, Robert V. Jr. (1878-1961)
Beall, Thomas (1872-1904)
Beall, Thomas F. (1828-1886)
Bellinger, Caroline (1844-1910)
Bellinger, John H. (1866-1918)
Bellinger, Merritt (1833-1910)
Brown, Emma P. (1883-1885)
Brown, Pauline (Plymale) Farren (1844-1885)
Buzan, John E. (1837-1870)
Carpenter, Mary J. (Armstrong) Oglesby (1851-1933)
Constant, Eliza A. (1851-1866)
Constant, Isaac (1809-1890)
Constant, Lucinda (Merriman) (1813-1890)
Constant, William T. (1836-1868)
Dunn, Emma Pape (1865-1898)
Garrett, Clora (Rippey) (1893-1969)
Garrett, Guy (1887-1962)
Harvey, Auletta L. (Merriman) Buzan (1848-1936)
Harvey, John E. (1831-1903)
Harvey, William H. (1877-1919)
Johnson, Elizabeth
Jones, Ada C. (Plymale) (1866-1933)
Jones, Kate (1864-1881)
Luy, Frederick (1832-1906)
Luy, Julia (1864-1868)
Luy, Mary (1868-1871)
Luy, William W. (1881-1883)
Merriman, Artinecia (Riddle) Chapman (1830-1917)
Merriman, Barbara A. (1920-1921)
Merriman, Charles H. (1863-1865)
Merriman, Emma L. (Bellinger) (1868-1950)
Merriman, Isaac A. (1861-1922)
Merriman, Merritt B. (1894-1949)
Merriman, Prudence (1868-1870)
Merriman, Walter T. (1866-1866)
Merriman, William H. (1825-1877)
Merriman, Winnifred (1874-1875)
Miller, Liddie
Oglesby, Roscoe C. (1833-1897)
Pape, Fred J. (1872-1898)
Plymale, Anderville (1831-1852)
Plymale, Carlos McDonough (1881-1882)
Plymale, Frank M. (1874-1928)
Plymale, Gabriel (1804-1852)
Plymale, Josephine L. (Martin) (1845-1899)
Plymale, Louis H. Plymale (1872-1916)
Plymale, Mary A. (Hatfield) (1804-1875)
Plymale, Victor B. (1886-1928)
Plymale, Walter M. (1870-1938)
Plymale, William J. (1837-1904)
Robinson, Leah M. (-1890)
Robinson, Willie (-1890)
Eastwood I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Medford, Jackson Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found on the city of Medford's website by clicking here.)

Bennett, Marie E. (Merriman) (1858-1943)
Bennett, Samuel L. (1846-1924)
Bradley, Jay (1852-1893)
Bradley, Laura A. (Merriman) (1857-1938)
Bradley, Lawson G. (1879-1943)
Johnson, Nora (Plymale) (1868-1891)
Loder, Frances E. (1908-1918)
Merriman Family Plot
Merriman, George F. (1855-1915)
Merriman, Mary E. (Murray) (1857-1923)
Merriman, Sharon C. (1902-1935)
Plymale, Benjamin H. (1888-1929)
Plymale, Delores (1896-1897)
Plymale, Francis M. (1833-1900)
Plymale, Jane E. (Nichols) (1845-1922)
Swingle, A. Marie (Bennett) (1885-1974)
Swingle, Hollie F. (1887-1960)
Hillcrest Memorial Park, Medford, Jackson Co., OR:

Merriman, Irene E. (Jones) (1906-1996)
Merriman, Myrle M. (1901-1973)
Granite Hill Cemetery, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR:

Banta, Leonard E. (1901-1967) [no tombstone survives]
Banta, Mildred M. (Armstrong) (1900-1971) [no tombstone survives]
Hillcrest Memorial Park, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR:

Riddle-Durland Family Plot
Durland, Con M. (1902-1990)
Durland, Florence K. (Riddle) (1899-1986)
Durland, Rena M. (1873-1947)
Riddle, George R. (1868-1957)
Riddle, Marguerite (Casey) (1872-1932)
Wilderville Cemetery, Wilderville, Josephine Co., OR:

View of Wilderville Cemetery
Armstrong, Cornelious J. (1853-1943)
Armstrong, Farinda M. (Borroughs) (1858-1920)
Armstrong, Lester C. (1884-1947)
Riverside Cemetery, Albany, Linn Co., OR:

Fronk, Charles K. (1857-1918)
Fronk, Earl M. (1886-1958)
Fronk, Fay (c. 1895-c. 1895)
Fronk, Isabel (Merriman) (1867-1953)
Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR:

Bixby, Clara A. (Dennis) (1905-1993)
Bixby, Lawrence W. (1898-1963)
Plymale, Vera V. (Merriman) (1896-1974)
Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR:

Brandes, Lillian E. (Murray) (1883-1942)
Brandes, William(1878-1936)
Greene, Ben F. (1874-1931)
Greene, Grace E. (Murray) (1880-1948)
Ross, Elizabeth (Plymale) (c. 1835-1890)
River View Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR:

Houston, Alice J. (1895-1911)
Houston, Joseph G. (1861-1930)
Houston, Mollie (Merriman) (1864-1926)
Plymale, Sebastian (1838-1920)
Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Bixby, Bertha (Hoffman) (1897-1995)
Bixby, Neil F. (1893-1985)
Crescent Grove Cemetery, Tigard, Washington Co., OR:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Bixby, Henry W. (1858-1941)
Bixby, Julia M. (Thurston) (1864-1946)
Bixby, Laura A. (Tressler) (1887-1964)
Bixby, Vere H. (1885-1958)
Martin, Chester C. (1905-2000)
Nelson, Amel (1880-1946)
Nelson, Edgar A. (1909-1955)
Nelson, Lou Ella E. (1910-1989)
Nelson, Mary (Bixby) (1888-1969)
Tressler, Mable M. (Malone) Bixby (1894-1989)
McMinnville Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville, Yamhill Co., OR:

Cemetery Entrance
Andrew Martin Family Plot
Zadok Martin Family plot
Cowls, John W. (1823-1896)
Cowls, John W. (1823-1896) Headstone
Cowls, Lucretia (Gordon) Martin (1827-1892)
Cowls, Lucretia (Gordon) Martin (1827-1892) Headstone
Cowls, Mary (1865-1868)
Cowls, Mary (1865-1868) Headstone
Martin, Addison (1851-1852)
Martin, Addison (1851-1852) Headstone
Martin, Andrew
Martin, Anna V.
Martin, David A. (1847-1849)
Martin, David A. (1847-1849) Headstone
Martin, Franklin B. (1811-1860)
Martin, Franklin B. (1811-1860) Headstone
Martin, John S. (1830-1912)
Martin, Zadok (1789-1849)
Martin, Zadok (1849-1850)
Martin, Zadok (1849-1850) Headstone

Evergreen Cemetery, Yreka, Siskiyou Co., CA:

(A complete online listing of their burial records can be found by clicking here.)

Plymale, Mary "Mamie" C. (Fairchild) (1867-1926)
Plymale, William L. (1864-1921)