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Military Ancestors

The following is a list of of my direct ancestors who served in a specific war or had military service. Eventually I will include military records of other relatives but for now these are just direct ancestors. I descend from at least 22 different Revolutionary War veterans.

Korean War, 1950-1953

Lt., Paul C. Wadleigh, Navy

World War II, 1939-1945

Paul C. Wadleigh, Navy

Ben T. Plymale, Navy, served in Guam

World War I, 1914-1918

Newell B. Brown, Army, enlisted in 1918, never got to fight.

Benjamin H. Plymale, Mess Sgt., served 2 years in Europe.

Neil F. Bixby, Corporal in the Army, served overseas.

Civil War, 1861-1865

Irvin H. Thurston, Surgeon, Union

Rogue River Indian Wars, 1851-1857

Col. William J. Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Northern Batallion

Mrs. Artinecia Merriman, Interpreter between Cow Creek Tribe and the White settlers

Cayuse Indian War, 1847-1848

William J. Martin, Captain, 1847-1848

Seminole Indian Wars, 1st: 1817-1818, 2nd: 1835-1842, 3rd: 1855-1858

George C. Halliburton, 1836-1837

William J. Martin, 1837-1838

War of 1812, 1812-1814

Zachariah Grant, at New Orleans

Jonathan Taylor (see Am. Rev.), Corporal in co. of vols. of old men

Silas Winters, in New York Militia

Peter Huyck, militia, became Capt. In 1815

David W. Parrish, cavalry, in Thomas Bradley's Co., Col. John Coffee's Reg., served 12 months.

John Bouseman, pvt. in Capt. Abner Barrett's Co., OH

Martin Halliburton, Sgt. under Capt. Joseph Williams, 1814-1815

Conrad Seilhammer, enlised in 1813 in Virginia.

American Revolution, 1775-1783

James Wadleigh, 1777 private in Capt. Daniel Gordon's Co. (Col. David Gilman's New Hamp. Regiment), 1778 was corporal in Capt. Samuel Dearborn's Co. (Col. Stephen Peabody's Reg.) which was raised for the defense of Rhode Island. James was supposed to have been at the surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777.

Jonathan Taylor, "served in the latter part of the war," was a private in the "NH Continental Line." Pensioned in 1832.

Josiah Tilton, served as an ensign in Capt. Stephen Clark's Co. in the NH troops

Jeremiah Dearborn

Andrew Freese, served out of NH

John Stearns, entered service at age 16 (1778), served as a private in the NH Militia. Pensioned in 1831.

Joseph Cannon, Private from Rochester, Massachusetts. In Capt. Earl Clap's Co. of Minute Men. In Col. Theophilus Cotton's Reg. on alarm of Apr. 19, 1775, seven days service. In Capt. Nath'l Hammond's Co. & Col. Ebenezer Sprout's Reg., 15 days service (December 1776). In Capt. Samuel Brigg's Co., Col. Theophilus Cotton's Reg., Gen. Palmer's Brigade, 32 days service on secret mission to Tiverton, RI, Sept. 29, 1777.

John Owen, 1775-1777, under Capt. Buel and Col. Gay

Isaac Huyck, served under various commands

Nicholas Seilhammer, in Cpt. Bartholomew Von Heer's Co., 1777-1781

Arnold Custer, private

Ambrose Ross, in the Kentucky and Virginia Militias

Thomas Jameson, private in White Co’s 6th Reg.

John Ferguson, from NC

John Allen Wallace, had service in either VA or NC. He is said to have been a cavalry soldier with Gen. George Washington.

David Halliburton, served under Gen. Greene in SC campaigns, was at Yorktown

James Grant, service in NC in 1775-1776

Diskin Grant

Joseph Wheless, in NC

Michael Jones, Private in Cpt. Joseph Mitchell's Co., 12th VA Reg., enlisted 1776, reported missing 1777.

Anthony Dibrell, said to have been a fifer during the war (he was 50 years old at the outbreak), but there is no proof of that.

John Brodie, served in VA as a surgeon to the troops

Edmund Taylor, Colonel in the Army

Thomas Sthreshley, served in VA

Andrew S. Hatfield, at Battle of Point Plesant, appointed Capt. of Militia 1781

Matthew French, at battles of Wetzell’s Mills & Guilford Court House, 1781

Thaddeus Bennett, served as private under Capt. Bennett in the CT troops

Daniel Murray, legend that he served alongside Americans after deflecting from British army

James Barkelow, private & fifer in NJ militia and in NJ “Flying Camp”

Manassah Bixby, served in 1777 with two brothers

Jesse Worrick, served in MA in Capt. Job Cushing's Co. (Col. John Greaton's Reg.)

Peter Thurston, at Battle of Lexington

Moses Thurston, enlisted for siege of Boston at age 52, 1775

Robert Field, solider from PA

French and Indian War (7 years war)

John Owen, (see Am. Rev.) in Col. Hinman’s 4th Reg., at Ticonderoga

Isaac Willits, joined militia to defend home

Aaron Phelps

William Custer

Queen Anne’s War, 1702-1713

James Fogg, Sgt. in Joseph Swett’s Co., 1705-07

Samuel Tilton, soldier at Ft. William & Mary 1708

Moses Blake

James Sinclair

King William’s War, 1689-1697

James Fogg (see Q. A’s), served 1694-96, was at Oyster Bay in 1694

Samuel Tilton (see Q. A’s) served 1694-1695 with father

Daniel Tilton, Ensign and officer, 1694-95 with son

Philip Flanders, served under Cpt. Henry True, in 1702

Timothy Blake, 1696-1698

Capt. Henry True, commissioned capt. 1696

James Sinclair (see Q. A.'s) entered service at age 16

King Phillip’s War, 1675-1676

Nathaniel Merriman, Capt. in army, 1675

Pequot War

Nathaniel Merriman, 1637


Silas Winters joined US militia in 1805

Col. John George, was a Lt. And Col in the early Virginia defending against Indians, was involved in Bacon’s Rebellion